One of the CCA’s last Media Art Project Grants

I found out this winter that I received funding to do “When Once There Was” a performance video art project with Emma Hendrix who is doing sound composition. The piece is the first of series where we record disappearing visual and acoustic landscapes due to human “progress”. The finished piece is an A/V performance. (See also: Performance Video)

Peace River Valley (Photo credit: Damien Gillis)Peace River Valley (Photo credit: Damien Gillis)

This funding will support work we will be doing in the Peace River Valley, B.C. this summer (2017). The Site C Dam is a project run by BC Hydro in this area. The dam will flood valuable Indigenous lands and cover over important and naturally fertile farm land. (Read more about Site C)

Tanya Goehring of Post Photography will be assisting and mentoring me on site.

The Canada Council for the Arts is moving to a new funding model and will no longer be using the different discipline titles (e.g. media arts) to distribute funds to artists. I am fortunate to have received this money at this time because their new granting system is experiencing technical difficulties and many artists are waiting to apply for new funds.