Both Sides, Now

Both Sides, Now, is an interactive a/v installation funded by the BC Arts Council. A project I have been struggling with that finally came together in November 2016.

The piece is about each individual’s struggle with inevitable change—inertia—accompanied with the ongoing internal discomfort displayed through hopeless and awkward control mechanisms.

Both Sides, Now is meant to be installed in an enclosed rectangle room with each video projected on either far end. Kinectics and Processing are used to pick up the movement in the room, which in turn, play the video and sound. Multiple layers of sound allow the audience to use gesture to compose the piece.

The sound component is amazing thanks to Emma Hendrix and the interactivity is spot on thanks to Niel McLaren’s programming.

The title Both Sides, Now, is borrowed from Joni Mitchell’s song titled the same, written in 1967.

The prototype was completed at VIVO Media Arts Centre. Final exhibition is still to be determined.